About Us

We are Red Bench Bible Church ... old, young, students, employees, retired, nurses, technicians, teachers, lawyers, lifeguards, retailers, sales people, tutors, etc., single, married, pregnant, kids (in at home and on their own) ... ordinary people with ordinary problems ... pain and trouble in relationships, the past, current circumstances and life in general.

What makes us abnormal is that God, extra-ordinary and holy, is making beautiful things out of us.  We see our mess and we see the Spirit of Jesus cleaning up.  It's a process ... it takes time ... and it hurts.  Anything worth having takes work ... hard work ... but Jesus Christ is doing it.  He works on us for the glory of God the Father and the Father is very picky ... only perfect gifts count.

It's not that we look perfect now to each other (in fact, we see our sin and problems more now).  No, we screw-up plenty ... that's why we are ordinary, completely unlike God.  But it's Jesus Christ, the only true God, who has created and secured our perfection for us.  At the beginning God's wrath was on us because of our sin or imperfection. The way He secured our perfection be for Him was through the Son of God's (Jesus) obedience to God the Father's every request.* 

Those requests lead Jesus all the way to a garden where He asked His Father if He could not take the next step - the journey to His crucifixion. But Jesus' commitment to the Father's will was greater than the force of His own desires and so He obeyed and went to the cross and His own death. Jesus' perfect obedience and death on the cross was the master plan. As it explains in the Bible, it brought about forgiveness of sins for all of humanity** to all who would believe (have faith or trust) in Him. Jesus rose from the dead, after three days, to prove His words about the offer of the forgiveness of sins was true. It's Jesus Christ's perfections (righteousness) that is created and applied to those who believe in Jesus, and that is the entry into a relationship with God.  It was costly ... more than you ever paid for a Christmas present.  Christ died to pay for the sins of the world.  We believe Him.  We are discovering that in this trust is Life, and in the process of being changed by Him is Life.

Christ is Life.

Come discover with us that Christ is Life ... in this present world and the next ... in everything.

* To follow the life of Jesus and His perfect obedience to the Father you should read the four accounts of Jesus' life in the Bible, in the New Testament: The Gospels of (or Books of) Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

** The forgiveness of sins was provided for every human being (past, present, and future) and for all and every sin (past, present, and future). but just because it was provided for the whole human race doesn't mean it is applied to the whole human race; it has to be accepted by an individual. Each person has to believe it and receive it. If you want more details on this, we highly recommend that you pickup a Bible and read the whole Book of Romans. It is an amazing thing God has offered the world and it is well worth your life to invest your time in discovering Jesus Christ.