The leadership at Red Bench Bible Church is based on what God, through the Bible, tells us it should be.  The church belongs to Jesus Christ and so the leaders submit to Him.  There are no halos on our heads.  We are saints and servants of Jesus Christ.  We serve Him through the power of the Spirit and we love it.

Erich Schneider Full-time Elder/Pastor (Preaching, Teaching, Counseling, Music Leader)
Erich is married to Deb.  Sets his glass in the same place after every drink.  Can get his wife to laugh every time by jumping up and down and acting like a combination of a chimpanzee and Brian Regan (thanks Wayne).

Floyd Schneider - Elder (Preaching, Teaching)
Floyd is married to Christine.  Can watch a movie, study organic chemistry, and carry on a conversation about the spiritual implications of multitasking.  Even a conversation about donuts could end you up on the mission field.  Chocolate ... enough said.

Bob Coltrin Elder (Service, Teaching, Building Coordinator)
Bob is married to Kim.  Was an electrician for 40 years (give or take a decade) ... what am I saying?  Once an electrician always an electrician.  The human alarm clock.  Gets up at an unjustifiable early hour in the morning.

Bill Davis Elder (City Gate, Service)
Bill Davis - Bill is married to Mary Sue.  Offers work to “sign-holding” people on the street.  Bought a car in 1967 which he still has.  Gets up at an unjustifiable early hour in the morning also.

Jong Staley - Elder (Preaching, Teaching)

Mario Flamini - Elder

Scott Ohnesorg - Elder (Teaching)

Mikel Poulsen - Elder (Service, Building Coordinator, Music)

Kim Coltrin - Treasurer

Phil Faris - Teaching

Michael Crilly - (Announcements, Teaching)

Cody Kimminau - (Kid's Sunday School Teaching Coordinator)

Deb Schneider - (Women's Ministries, Sunday School Teacher)

Christine Schneider - (Women's Ministries, Kid's Teaching Coordinator)
Christine is married to Floyd.  Writer.  Extremely creative with projects for kids.  Has a computer ... with the speed of a dead hamster.  It's painful.

Jesse Hicks Music Coordinator & Youth Group Leader (Music Leader, Youth Activities)

Jake Grubb - Audio & Video Coordinator, Music Team, Teaching

John NayarMusic Team Leader

Melody Faris - Bulletin Creator, Meal's Ministry, Women's Ministries

Joel Price - Kids Sunday School Teacher, Pray Meeting